If you reside in the Chino Hills area, the chances are fairly higher you have probably had some kind of rat issue at some point in time. Mice and rats are known for nesting in homes and building big families. You need to get to the rodents prior to this happening.

We know that having rats and mice in your kitchen is unhealthy. Friends and family may choose to assume things about your cleaning habits based upon your rodents your rodent issues. Call our rat control Chino Hills pros today and obtain a hassle-free quote.

Rodent Eradication

Rats and mice are good about hiding where humans usually won’t find them. Some people prefer to get rid of their rats on their own with d-i-y products. This is definitely an option, but we also understand that many people don’t want to deal with the hassles and are disgusted with the very idea of cleaning up the dead rats and mice.


Don’t wait until the rats start multiplying; take action now by calling (909) 321-6820 today.

In the chance that you do see a rat or mouse, the chances of more concealed elsewhere in your home are quite substantial. Even so, do not worry. Just because you’ve discovered a mouse does not mean it is your error. Rats are great at getting through very little gaps, cracks and crevices. The most effective way to make certain you do not have rats or rodents occupy your premises, at any time, is to inspect every area of the property by which they may be gaining access to your property.

Inspections for Rat Control & Prevention

This includes all around the windows, doors, basement, spaces in the attic,  and even crawl spaces should be inspected. Think about this the next time you question how they got in your property; mice can fit through a hole the size of a nickel and rats through half-quarter sized hole.

So when you see a small hole and think, “There is no possible way they’re coming in through that small hole or gap,” reconsider that thought and close up the opening. Unsure just how to inspect your property for entry points? We can help you figure this out when we come examine your current rodent problem.

Get Complete Relief from Rats

Our Chino Hills rodent exterminators can take care of your rodent problem in a clean and hassle-free fashion. Our exterminator will come to your property or home to assess the circumstances and then establish the best method of rodent removal for your situation. Contact us at (909) 321-6820 today schedule an appointment.

If you have questions don’t be afraid to ask us. We’re more than happy to assist you and make sure you ask about the range of treatment options we offer.